Abbate Y La Mantia


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There are many pre-shave products, but you never heard about pre-shave cosmetics.
Using an excellent pre shave enhances the performance of any shaving soap or cream. FRAGRANCE: designed unscented on purpose, in order to let you use all the products you have during shaving’s ritual, regardless of their fragrance.

“Well begun is half done”


OLFACTORY: NONE. But that is exactly the point. Enjoy everything you use in the shaving ritual. Without any interference
SENSUAL: vegetable oiliness that prepares for shaving. Hydration of the hair bulb in order to facilitate its cutting. Maximum protection at the passing of any type of blade.
ACTIVE: holds an absolute record as:
-anti-redness (limits the effects of the blade on the face);
– free antiradicals (oxygenates the skin obtaining brightness and uniformity of the skin tone); is
-lenitive (excellent also for sensitive skin); but most of all
– restores skin cells.
– removes the typical problems of long or uncultivated beards: removes itching by reactivating the microcirculation of the skin face and avoids the loss of damaged hair by nourishing the bulb
“since more than seven thousand years saffron is considered to be the elixir of youth”


Bottle in a double glass with ANTI-UV patent. This is because our essences deserve to be protected without affecting their perfect balance.

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Bottle in a double glass


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