Abbate Y La Mantia


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This is a tribute to the most ancient and well-known job of our beautiful Maremma: the BUTTERO, the horse riding guardian of the herds in tuscan Maremma.
The saponified base not only contains the extract of active ingredients of our saffron, but it is also enriched by wheat germ oil, which stands out for the highest percentage of vitamins A, B and E.
“We bring you in our wheat-yellow fields, in a sunny Tuscany day, with our sincere people”


OLFACTORY: enter a saddlery, neither hot nor cold, but certainly well cleaned. The shining sun or the bright moon up in the sky outside the window.
SENSUAL: greater protective microfilm on the facial skin. Greater sensation of elasticity.
ACTIVE: the best source of vitamin E: powerful antioxidant agent, essential in the fight against free radicals, in the defense of health and in the prevention of aging.


Elegant box in fine kraft; tied by hand with string and closed with a seal in Venetian beeswax. Made in Italy is witnessed by the tricolor bow in natural cotton.

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Elegant box in fine kraft


Ingredienti principali

Base Sapone

Our Saffron

Wheat Germ Oil


Tuscan eather