Abbate Y La Mantia


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Roasted and salty hypoallergenic fragrance. What’s the effect of a good scrub?
Scrub means:
*stain *cleaning *rubbing
So, a good scrub has to clean skin stain by rubbing them.
Our scrub contains:
– precious Himalaya salt’s gems;
– exotic arabica coffee powder.
The most revolutionary effect is born by the mixture of these natural ingredients with our saffron pistils glyceric extract:
*it protects the skin from the passage of hard elements such as coffee powder and salt grains.
“The coffee crushed in powder and the sea turned into salt mix each other to create something unusual”



OLFACTORY: go to the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, breathe and with the amygdala listen what the Centre of Earth suggests you. Harmony is only true with nature
SENSUAL: a velvety skin after the passage of dust and salts; like a stormy sea that finds peace from violence.
ACTIVE: it revitalizes the epidermis, for a correct cellular turnover and allows the skin to “breathe”.
It removes dead cells and impurities that are deposited on the surface, stimulating the deep mechanisms of skin regeneration.
After the scrub, the skin regains its natural luminosity and it is ready to receive the functional substances that lay in the moisturizing treatments that will be applied later


Elegant box in fine paper of 360 grams, snow color; the jar prepares the eyes for the elegance of the product.

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Elegant box in fine paper


Ingredienti principali

Base Formula

Our Saffron

Arabica Coffee Powder

Himalayan Salt