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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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The same difference that exists between perfumery and artistic perfumery also exists between scented candles and artistic perfumery candles.

It is a “waxy dough” of some of the most unusual composite notes embodied in an accord which is present in the mind of its creator but that, as in artistic perfumery, can become something else in the mind of those who smell it.

Radix is our accord of earthy notes combined with the resins of the Tuscan coast and with all that rises from a field of citrus fruits in bloom. Not in fruit: in bloom.

The perfumer says: “Radix was designed as the candle of Eros. Like everything that is on earth and rises to the sky. The interesting thing was dosing the roots that become the trunk. Then everything becomes liquid: in the form of flowers or citrus resins. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a Tuscan masterpiece: resins from the sea, from the hills and from the mountains“. Dr. F. Abbate, Creative Director and AYLM Founder

Maggiori informazioni e packaging

Elegant box in Italian paper, natural cork and explanatory leaflet.