Abbate Y La Mantia




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Choose a soap according to its aftershave so that it will tranform in an olfactory pyramid that you can wear.

KROKOS: Rich in Violet Saffron Petals and Pistils that spice the soap base (three times more than in other soaps)
VEGANO: a market stall and its smells that bring back childhood memories and become a real cosmetic in a soap base with pure Snail Slime (CRUELTY FREE)
LAUREATO: rich bay leaves that become plentiful when mixed with the best quality Argan oil
CRUMIRO: the smell of traditional Italian biscuits that is extracted from the nutritious hazelnuts from Piedmont that make up the soap
MATTEO 9,11: fumes of oriental incense and myrrh make a magical mixture with the summer extract of St. John’s wort
VULCANO: Balsamic Chilli Pepper in its greenest moment made slippery with Organic EVO Oil and macerated with Vegetable Charcoal
MONET: a Water Lily that expresses the salinity of the ultimate lagoon flower while offering an antioxidant treatment with the Italian Rosehip Berries
DON JOSE’: a mountain of Coconut and Banana solidified on top by a vertex of menthol crystals
ISACCO: a Tree of Apples and Black Figs rooted in an Organic Juice rich in vitamins
BUTTERO: Fresh Italian Leather from a well-cleaned saddlery and one of the smoothest saponified base ever and Wheat Germ Oil
GARIBALDI: Pequi Oil, Tobacco of Kentucky and Waves of the Mediterranean Sea
FUFLUNS: Grape leaves + Three milks: cow, donkey and goat