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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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A hypoallergenic fragrance that respects the our project of maximizing the ancient cosmetic effects of organic Italian donkey milk (organic) by spreading a fresh, creamy, yet distinct, scent of cut grass on your body.

Soft hands on a fresh meadow.


Cleansing elements: a deep and thorough cleansing between the coves of your skin thanks to micro fragments of Aztec coffee beans.

The unique antibacterial properties of saffron extract ennoble the ritual. A cosmetic transformation from a “small” domestic detergence action to the utmost pleasure of having respected and protected your own body.


“Moving your hands in front of somebody is non-verbal communication”


“no paraben no GMO no gluten no pesticides no SLS/SLES”.

OLFACTIVE: the green pleasure of stopping after a run on a morning meadow in the air. The skin feels like that of a god of the past.

SENSUAL: being able to communicate your passion and feelings just by using your hands.

ACTIVE: Saffron pistils extract makes a “simple” hand washing become a cosmetic treatment. A silkiness that is typical of deep cleansing and complex hydration. Absolute antibacteriality that we have understood to be so fundamental for coexistence and respect for others

Maggiori informazioni e packaging

Precious paper 360 gr
Made in Italy.
Size 175 gr/ 6,17 oz

Main Ingredients

Base Formula


Donkey milk

Coffee beans


Creamy and green