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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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The traditional perfume is a perfumed water that doesn’t need to be used as a fragrance trail but as an end of treatment on the body, hair or clothes.

All this is possible thanks to ultra gentle vegetable alcohol, the hypoallergenic fragrance and the 200ml format that make this price a bargain.

Not a spray but with a dispenser in order to use it as a real splash.


Top notes (the most immediate and volatile ones): A well-orchestrated madness: the green gold of perfumery, bergamot, not in its natural environment, but in the brackish seaweed of a rock overlooking the Mediterranean shore.

Middle notes (slower, but they last longer): We couldn’t help but dive into ozone scents, breathed in iodine masses, even the most Italian kind of tobaccos; coming from Kentucky, but invented in its fermented variant and made famous by great personalities of our Bella Italia.

Base notes (those who support and connect all the others): We had already been provocative enough and thus a non-experimental base. Simply one of the most beautiful Asian patchouli sleeping on a bed of fresh musk.

Olfactive Pyramid:

TOP NOTES: Bergamot and Seawaer

MIDDLE NOTES: Tobacco, Geranium, Cyclamen, Spicy

BASE NOTES: Tobacco, Patchouli, Musk

Maggiori informazioni e packaging

Amber glass bottle to protect every note of the fragrance.
Embossed “Cathedral vetrage” label

Capacity: 200ml/6,76 fl. oz


Water, Alcohol*, Parfum**.
*non-ethyl, but derived from wheat fermentation

Main Ingredients

Base Formula



Tobacco Leaves