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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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Confezione regalo mini (2,50)

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What fascinated us was making a three-dimensional cosmetic that is present in the life of those who appreciate it“.

A perfect sphere covered with wonderful purple wax. Two fundamental characteristics: *unscented, in order to be discreet and suitable for any kind of situation in which you turn it on; an educated guest and silent company; and *completely immersed in liquid saffron, so that our antibacterial extract covers the entire surface of the sphere.

A Candle and Saffron: both worshipped since the dawn of time. We have transformed them and modernised them according to our sensitivity.

OLFACTIVE: unscented, which does not mean absence of atmosphere, but just not wanting to interact olfactively with the atmosphere created by its light.

SENSUAL: that’s the best you can ask for from a candle. To be a object of home decor when it is turned off and the most modern possible version of the fire around which you gather. Creating a gravitational suspension centre where all the present forget the reality.

ACTIVE: the candle is by definition the most ancient antibacterial object known because it is sustained, while burning, with oxygen and at the same time it purifies it. This effect is greatly enhanced by the combination with the most ancient antibacterial natural ingredient: the Saffron that is present on its cover.

Maggiori informazioni e packaging

Elegant box in Italian paper, felt bag, Tuscan leather coaster with English stitching and explanatory leaflet.


Ø 15cm, completely immersed in Saffron Extract, unscented.