Abbate Y La Mantia



With this offer you will receive:
KROKOS, our top of the line shaving soap: saffron flower petals in the fragrance and saffron pistils in the saponified base (double measure compared to our others shaving soaps). (BIO)

And now, you can add your 3 favourite soaps:

FUFLUNS: Grape leaves + Three milks: cow, donkey and goat
VEGANO: carrot and lettuce
LAUREATO: bay leaves
CRUMIRO: Krumiro biscuit
MATTEO 9, 11: Frankincense and myrrh + Moroccan mugwort’s essential oil
VULCANO: balsamic chili peppers (does not burn on your skin) + extra-virgin olive oil (from our own countryside) + macerated charcoal (BIO)
MONET: water lily + Italian rosehip (BIO)
DON JOSÉ: banana and coconut + menthol crystals (BIO)
ISACCO: black fig and green apple + organic apple juice
BUTTERO: fresh Italian leather + wheat germ oil