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What are you looking for?

It is all already inside it.

In this box you will have the necessary for the most luxurious shaving you could find on the market.

It is thought for all kinds of users:

*for those who are starting and do not want to get through all the quality levels until the final best. This is already the top.

*for the experts who want an exclusive and prestigious set and, above all;

*for the ladies who want to surprise their partners.

Product Description

It is the perfect gift for every man who looks for the best in everything.

Contains our most prestigious line: KROKOS

The soap that has made us famous all over the world, obtained by saponifying the 100% extract of our saffron pistils in the highest percentage possible.
* For the first time enriched by the expensive fragrance with saffron pistils.

An aftershave enriched by the same expensive soap fragrance.
* Main characteristic is the persistent aroma after shaving accompanied by a rare moisturizing and elasticizing effect.

An exclusive brush having the following characteristics:
* Handle of our conception with golden ring, customized with the lasering of the bottom with our company logo

* 26.5 mm tuft in noble wild boar bristle. For the first time this type of hair has been shaped like a "bulb", like tufts in badger.