Our shaving brushes come from a composite idea:

• Class
• Quality
• Absolute handicrafts
• Functionality

Each brush is a unique and exclusive piece. In fact, since they are completely handmade and not industrial manufactured, our shaving brushes are produced by the hands of the most interesting Italian artisans. From Venice to Palermo, through Parma and Verona, with some step in Genoa and Milan.

Moreover they are delivered in handmade packages with ancient crochet irons. The package wires are carefully selected in order to offer the maximum protection and transpiration to the tuft inside it.

They are absolutely luxury brushes, suitable for giving them as a gift to others or one self. Without excluding, rather indeed searching for quality and functionality of the soap whipping.

High quality bristles have been selected for the tufts of these brushes: only the best silvertip and Manchurian badger and only imperial horse. A brand new idea, as all the others, from Abbate Y La Mantia.