Abbate Y La Mantia

The Passion has led the Research. After many years the Abbate Y La Mantia Family  finally discovers the natural method to maximize the effects of saffron and turn it into cosmetic products with unique characteristics.

A Family driven by the Passion, which since 20 years has been cultivating, with traditional methods, pure saffron in pistils in the beautiful Maremma’s hills of the province of Grosseto.

Abbate Y La Mantia  represents a “obsessive” scientific and creative research that has succeeded in maximizing the cosmetic effects of saffron. The rediscovery and improvement of ancient procedures and methods allow us to keep the active ingredients unaltered to give you your Natural Daily Luxury every day.


They are the result of a slow and traditional cultivation and harvest. The pistils are obtained from the dried flower stigma, strictly collected by hand to avoid damaging the other parts of the plant. Each flower has only three stigmas. To make a kilo of saffron, about 170,000 flowers have to be harvested manually in six weeks (flowering period) and to keep the properties of the spice unchanged, it should be collected during the first hours of the morning.

The great work that it requires make this spice the most expensive in the world.

The use of saffron pistils in other areas was born from the rediscovery of its cosmetic principles, well known over 3500 years ago.