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📍Store in Via Fanti, 18. Medieval Walled City, Grosseto.

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Products of excellent quality.....I have been shaving every day for more than 25 years, and with ISHTAR shaving cream I discovered something new related to both the unique fragrance and the moisturization of the skin, which, especially in winter, suffers from the signs of shaving.
It combines delicacy, meant as non-aggressiveness of the product, with a pleasant lather in shaving.

Giovanni Q.

AYLM is in my opinion one of the best craft enterprises in the world, for products, advice, professionalism and the icing on the cake is the after sales service. They care 0 to 60 about everything and just because they are so professional, I like to bother them to give them big compliments, because I never had any complaint to make

Danilo B.

Perfumery in Shaving products. Italian excellence!
Attention to detail from packaging
(especially the cover art of the soaps) to the after sales service. I am a happy owner of two complete sets, Fufluns and Ishtar. I really appreciate the refinement of the fragrances and the creation of a brand that differs well from others on the market. Last but not least the fidelity in the fragrance descriptions to what you actually smell once you receive the set.
One note as a consumer if free shipping in Italy dropped to 55 to buy a soap+after set without having to pay shipping would be great.
Keep up the good work!

Alessandro C.

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